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Muha meds fills the strawberry cough muha meds cart with 100% cannabis oil. This cannabis oil from the super sweet and delicious strawberry cough strain. This sativa dominant hybrid comes from a cross between the old school haze and strawberry fields strains. As the name implies, this muha meds cart produces a delicious strawberry smell. It equally leaves a fruity aftertaste. This is thanks to the extraction process which leaves the flavors intact. It equally does have any additives like vitamin e, pesticides, etc.

Smoking this muha meds cart makes the consumer energetic and focused. It equally gives a creative boost accompanied by an overall feeling of happiness. As such, smoking this muha meds cart goes well with arts and craft, performing house chores, sleeping, social events and even studying. Equally, a great number of consumers of the strawberry cough testify to the claim that it enhances one’s libido. You may want to try that out and see for yourself.   However, after smoking this muha cart the following side effects can occur; paranoia, dizziness and dry mouth. Order strawberry cough muhameds and enjoy.

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The indica component though not much still expresses itself in this muhameds cart. The effects combines with the above mentioned feelings and produces a calm relaxation. Though not as high as in indica dominant carts, this cart still provides enough sedation to give pain relief. As such, this cart goes well with dealing with depression and anxiety. It equally helps to relieve stress as vaping this cart sends your worries and sorrows away. It also acts as a mood boost and makes you more lively. Vaping the strawberry cough muhameds also gives focus and increases productivity hence is good for patients with ADHD. Buy strawberry cough muha meds and enjoy.


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