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The pina colada muha meds for sale contains cannabis oil from the pina colada weed strain. This weed strain arises as a cross between the banana kush and starburst bubba weed strains. These 2 weed strains blend to give the pina colada which portrays equal sativa and indica effects. As such, this hybrid produces cannabis oil which gives off the same dual effects on equal levels. Vaping the pina colada muhameds gives off a fruity smell though not as intense as in weed itself. It equally leaves behind a fruity taste on the tongue.

The effects of the pina colada muhameds comes pretty even in both the indica and sativa spectrum. Both effects complement each other very nicely to give an overall great experience. The sativa effects of the pina colada muha kicks off first and generally last for about 3-4 hours. This however depends on your dosage and intervals in which you hit the vape. Like the typical sativa effects, you feel uplifted and overall more courageous. Any anxiety you have, consider it gone. You are in charge now. Euphoria then follows after this and makes you giggly and smiling most of the time.

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The indica effects come in late to class as per usual, but still just in time for lecture to start. A levitating calmness and relaxation begins a few minutes after hitting the pina colada muhameds. This boosts your mood almost immediately as any stress and worries you had completely vanishes. The combination of this relief and the uplifting feeling from the indica also makes this a perfect fit for patients suffering from depression and anxiety. The indica component of this muha meds cart then further unfolds to give a body numbing feeling. This feeling makes it possible for this pina colada strain muha cart to relief pain. Buy Pina Colada muha meds and enjoy.


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